GOYA **Hammerangebot** Rigg

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oder Komplettrigg mit GOYA 70% Carbon RDM und 211 Alu-Boom

Jason’s words: “The new Nexus comes with lavish scrim body panels and carbon stretch control tendons. This upgrades the new Nexus to embody the best materials available, delivering uncompromised freeride and freerace performance. The new Nexus is significantly lighter, stronger and faster. You can expect magnetic low end power, easy handling with a massive high wind range and unlimited speed potential in any flatwater to bump and jump condition. The Nexus is all about simple speed. This sail has no cambers, making rigging a dream. The scrim body panels provide a quiet, supple ride. The smaller 6 batten sizes are cut for maneuvers then speed, while the larger 7 batten sails are cut for speed then maneuvers.”