2018 Severne S-1

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  • SFr. 725


The S-1 is our 4 batten wave sail in premium panelled construction.

With its 3 or 4 batten interchangeability the S-1 is an extremely versatile wave sail.  The convertible batten system means the S-1 can be run as either a 3 or a 4 batten sail depending on conditions and preference.  The S-1 is very broad range of appeal is matched only by its wind range.

Shaping is located extremely low and forward in the sail, and with a 4th batten added becomes extremely stable. The dropped clew allows short boom lengths for manoeuvrability and boom rigidity.

Built in quality eM3 materials, SpiderFibre, and with a diamond shaped Dacron luff panel for smooth power delivery, this sail is engineered for performance.  Now with eM4 in the lower panels to make the 018 S-1 feel even lighter.

The S-1 is a manoeuvre oriented wave sail for the modern wave sailor