Simulator 5'6"

  • Im Angebot
  • SFr. 790

• Soft EVA foam covers entire deck and rails 
• Designed for user-friendly foil progression 
• Longer length helps get you up and going 
• The ideal board for learning or teaching 
• Soft top protects you and the board 
Simulator: Covered in a thick EVA layer, the Simulator is a user-friendly board designed specifically for safer entry-level foil progression. As you try foiling for the first time, and experience your first crashes, you’ll quickly appreciate the forgiving feel and cushy padding that covers the top and rails of the board. You’ll also appreciate the extra length and buoyancy of the Simulator; it will help you get up and going and makes the first stage of bouncing up and down on the water much more forgiving. Once you’ve progressed beyond the first learning stages, the Simulator remains a fun freeride board you can use to practice transitions, toeside riding, jumping and more aggressive carving. The padded top and extra volume will come in handy through every stage of your progression. It’ll also come in handy when you’re asked to teach friends and family.