Birdie Wing Harness

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  • SFr. 179

Made in Switzerland !

Made in Uri 


The featherlight ENSIS BIRDIE wing harness weighs only 390g including hook and hook pad. The ergonomically padded back support has been designed for highest comfort and flexibility while wingfoiling. The load is spread evenly, resulting in much less physical effort and longer sessions on the water.  

BIRDIE Wing Harness S/M and L/XL


Ergonomical back support 

The back support is ergonomically padded for great comfort. The load is spreaded nicely.


390 g only including hook and hook pad. All used materials are water resistant and do not add weight when used in the water.

Safety quick release

The magnetic safety quick release is extremely light and easy to lock and reopen.

Side-folding hook

The hook can be folded to the side so that it no longer sticks out. This is useful when you want to paddle out.