Custom 3 Pro

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  • SFr. 2,190

Thruster performance, exponentially enhanced. For the Custom 3 Pro we are pairing our most progressive wave shapes with a V bottom shape and a faster rocker line. Slightly less rocker, making them faster and more stable.

FG: What would you say the main differences are between this model and the Custom Quad? MB: The main difference is on the full V-Bottom with a slightly sharper rocker and more parallel outline. In the water, they are so much fun. They are easier to break the line and get vertical on a tight area. The tail releases earlier, making takas and other moves more accessible in all-around conditions.

FG: What can we expect as we jump on these new shapes from the previous year? MB: They are faster and with added comfort and control. They will maximize your ride in all conditions, from ON, Side-On to Off-Shore.

FG: Would we see you using these boards in the tour? MB: These boards were a huge surprise to me. They felt so easy and with such early planning that it just felt as if they brought my most consistent sailing forward. I am pretty sure I will compete on these models as I did before in Tenerife and Denmark, maybe more this year. I’m hoping that we finally start having some events. I’m ready!

New outlines and rail flow, the Custom 3 Pro is a middle ground between the Custom 4 Pro and the One 3 Pro.

PWA World Tour Approved.

Pro Construction, Full Carbon & S-Glass Hull. Bio Resin. High Density Full Double Sandwich

Available in 76, 82, 86, 92, 99 liters.

US Box 8” center, 3rd Gen. Slot Boxes 10 cm sides.