Gnarwhal 4'10''

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The Gnarwhal is an entirely new breed of wakesurf board from Slingshot, designed for aggressive surf style riders looking to cut deep into the pocket and attack the lip with explosive airs and surf-style maneuvers. Decked out with new FCS II fin technology, customizing your fin configuration with either a twin or quad fin arrangement is quick and easy and doesn’t require a tool.

The Gnarwhal’s wide tail and nose give the board more volume at a shorter length, allowing it to fit into the pocket comfortably and catch air with ease. The base of the Gnarwhal comes fully equipped with a V-spine and double concave hull, which helps the board transition from rail to rail while the exaggerated concave rail throughout the length of the board gives surfers more grip as they press into face of the wave. The accelerated rocker line on the Gnarwhal allows surfers to get farther back from the boat and surf at faster speeds to attack the lip with more energy.